Vegetarian Delights

Brace yourselves sexy chickpeas tis about to get veggie-licious over here on the Feel Good Revolution. 

 It’s finally here!! Better late than never my beautiful humans! I am sorry though, as you know from the video life got in the way. THEN last Sunday WordPress went gaga and I lost my SD card, basically it all went tits up. It’s no excuse…but kinda is. Am I forgiven? Yes? Wonderful! Let us proceed.

A weeks worth of vegetarian yummies for you to dabble with. This I loved. I am pretty much a vegetarian now. I tend to only eat meat if someone else has cooked it and I don’t want to be rude. I just feel better for it. I get my protein from boiled eggs. I LOVE boiled eggs….I have been known to sit down with 4 and a wee pot of ketchup and devour them. Yup, that’s happened….more than once. Not even sorry.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 20.38.31

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