Vegan Wonders

Here it is folks, a week’s plan of Vegan treats. 

By popular request here are some vegan eats for you to devour. I really enjoyed adapting recipes and working with ingredients I’d never used before.

What was my favourite? By far the Lasagne. My dad was so confused when I served it to him. He asked, ‘How can something that is meant to be pasta, meat and cheese taste so bloody amazing without actually containing any pasta, meat and cheese?! Madness!’

It’s culinary wizardry I tell you!! I felt like a mix between Jamie Oliver and Dumbledore, twas a most magically scrumptious affair!

Now, I’m not actually a vegan and this is the first time I have ever attempted eating like one. I won’t lie, I did find it tricky. Eggs and cheese are what I missed most. Expense wise, it was a little more pricey. No so much so though that I’d make an issue of it. Just get your fresh produce seasonally and from the local market to keep costs down.

Word of warning though; just because a food product is classed ‘vegan’ doesn’t mean it’s healthier. Those pesky hidden sugars again getting in all our food! So, just beware and read the labels.

Without further ado here goes my little pea pods:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 18.33.39

Click the links below:






  • Add what ever tickles your pickle to your weetabix.
  • The best vegan cheese in my opinion is VioLife original.


  • Your lunch leftovers can be eaten re-heated or cold. It’ll taste even better the next day because the flavours have had time to infuse. Separate further leftovers into portion sizes and decant into sandwich bags and freeze ready for an easy mid-week dinner some other time.


  • Porridge is porridge. My word isn’t law. Use almond, coconut, rice milk or whichever substitute you like best.
  • If you don’t own a spiralizer use a vegetable peeler to make a more linguini like ‘pasta’


  • Sprinkle some dried chilli over your creamy avocado courgetti for lunch the next day to add a little kick to your afternoon.
  • If iceberg lettuce isn’t your thing-a-ling then use corn tortillas.


  • Don’t know what to put in a fruit salad? Pick your favourite fruits, prep ’em, put ’em in a bowl then eat ’em. wpid-2015-10-09-04.53.04-1.jpg.jpeg
  • Roast 2 whole squashes for lunch. You will use one and a half of them for dinner. By doing this you will save yourself some prep time that evening.


  • Confession!!! It was only after I made this delicious breakfast I realised the bread I used wasn’t vegan. Be sure not to make the same mistake!


  • You can add anything you like to your salad. I used blackberries because they were growing on the bush outside my house. Experiment with blueberries and pecans. Get sassy with your salad skills.
  • Don’t be put off by the prep for the lasagne. It isn’t as daunting as it seems. Have your iPad, laptop or phone at the ready with your favourite series lined up. By the time one episode is finished (43 mins) you’ll be totally done and watching it bake. IT IS SO WORTH IT!

The products I used:

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 18.38.13

….and there you have it folks. My first attempt at veganism. How’d I do? I’m no expert but I think I did ok for a first timer no? Remember my recipes are just guidelines. I never actually follow one, I cook with my tastebuds. You can’t create good food if you don’t taste it along the way. Example, If spice ain’t your thing-a-ling and I’ve suggested 2 teaspoons of cayenne start with a sprinkle, taste it, not enough? Add another sprinkle and work from there. Cooking is about finding your own flavour.


Kisses from cornwall

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