The one where we reflect.

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Mirror mirror on the wall, is this happening? Are you sure?!

Hi I’m Jessiny and over the past few years…

I’ve worked for less than minimum wage. I’ve worked for minimum wage. I’ve had to make the decision to feed my animals over feeding myself. I’ve had to re-home my animals. I’ve done lots of unpaid overtime. I’ve been spat on. I’ve been threatened.  I’ve been treated like an imbecile.  I’ve worked WEEKS without a day off (6 is my running record). I’ve worked 3 jobs back to back. I’ve lost best friends. I’ve gained “best friends”. I’ve walked away from said “best friends”. I’ve made bad choices. I’ve felt darkness. I’ve been robbed (more than once). I’ve been cheated on. I’ve gained weight. I’ve been scared. I’ve felt lost.

5 years is a long time to tread water with your head just above the surface. There have been times I’ve almost reached the shore only to slip away again.


However, THIS is NOT about THAT!!!


…How IN SPITE of all of the above and a few other unmentionables I’ve bloody gone and done it!!! After years and years of false starts and let downs the future is bright and I am SO EXCITED!!!


It’s time to reveal what happened to Bali. We all know I moved there, but why did I leave so soon?…


Well, I only went and landed myself my dream job back home in Dubai!!! 

Listen here sassy internet dweller, the world DOES work in mysterious ways. Although it’s not so mysterious if you sit back and realise what’s actually going on. Energy my dears, Energy is what it all boils down to. No it’s not hocus pocus bullshit. If you think about it it’s actually the natural order. So, I let myself feel the positive energy and rather than fight it, I went along for the ride.

What if I told you the minute I said ciao to all my demons and shadows, wrote that post about feeling well and truly happy for the first time in a long time EVERYTHING changed for me. 

What did it lead to?

  • Me having a deeper understanding of what it means to be grateful.
  • I was no longer so hard on myself.
  • I met a beautiful man that ignited my lost sense of adventure.
  • I saw that Bali was a place of kindred spirits and pure kindness.
  • AMAZING opportunities opened themselves up to me.
  • I began to listen to what I REALLY wanted rather than what I SHOULD want.
  • I was introduced to (click to link to their website) who literally opened up an entire new way of thinking that will not only aid in my work with children and young people but also myself.

Although there are many more, I feel I need to concentrate on the most important one…

I, Jessiny Kira Mitchell am going to be working in my dream field!


I’m doing it the way I always said I would. Outside of the school system I despise so much, without the PGCE qualification that is now more targets and rules than hands on teacher training.


I get to nurture creativity in our young minds, encourage them to push the boundaries of their imagination and create a safe space for them to explore what it truly means to be innovative with their creations. 

I get to go back to my roots and teach for the company that ignited my love for theatre when I was 12 years old. What I learnt there shaped me into the person I am today. Just think I get to be THAT person for a new generation of creative minds!!! 

I am a living example that if you work for it you’ll make it.

I’ve had all the negative comments. Trust me.

‘A Drama degree won’t get you anywhere’

‘You’ll never be a Youth Worker without the degree qualification’

‘You won’t ever get to teach children and young people without a PGCE’

‘Oh you studied Drama? That’s basically a degree in waitressing right?’

‘Why work so hard? It won’t amount to anything anyway’

‘What are you trying to prove?’


It’s comments such as these that just made me work harder. If you know me you know I have always been one to prove myself. Why should I have to PROVE anything though?! Screw social convention. To hell with what I’m ‘SUPPOSED‘ to be doing. The year is not 1979! We exist as energy in the present and it is ever changing. It is our job to flow with it and JUST BE!

Of course the support of an amazing family and awesome friends helped me through my darkest hours. A family that believed in me and my unconventional methods of stumbling through life.

REAL friends who have stuck with me through every shit storm without judgement and love me for me

There’s a little voice that’s always lived in my head that’s told me there’s something better on the horizon when I’ve been up shit creek without a paddle. 

It was this voice that told me to go to Bali.

It was this voice that made me realise I don’t have to do things the way people EXPECT me to because actually I’ve come this far and I’m still booming!


So to this voice I am eternally grateful and it is to you I make this promise:

I will only live my days from this point forward with kindness, authenticity and creativity. I will love and support others but not at the expense of my own well-being. I will listen to my body. I will give myself time each day to reflect and be grateful. I will go with the flow of the universe and not allow myself to get trapped in a fixed mindset.

I am Jessiny Kira Mitchell.

That is all.

That is enough.


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