I’m grateful for…

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In life we tend to forget to stop and appreciate what we have. 

I invite you to do the same and take a moment to think about what you are grateful for.

✮ I am grateful for my Mum and Dad who’s undying support and love has helped shape me into the woman I am today. They love me for who I am and the fact that they are proud of me fills me with zeal to keep on going!

✮ I am grateful for my big sister because although we aren’t always in touch I know that in a heartbeat she will be there to talk to me whenever I need her. She also brought my beautiful niece and nephew into this world which offers up an eternity of gratitude in itself.

✮ I am grateful for my big brother. He is a solid foundation that I can always rely on. He protects me and listens to me. He believes in me even if he does think I’m an eccentric little weirdo.

✮ I am grateful for every single one of my friends. They know who they are. Although distance separates us and time lapses between conversations, our relationships never change and your abilities to make me smile never cease. You guys know me, you support me and best of all you accept me.

✮ I am grateful for Emily. Her words of wisdom and encouragement have helped me broaden the way I think about things and how to create a more positive inner dialogue with myself.

✮ I am grateful to the new friends I have made in Bali. I am certain in time these relationships will blossom.

✮ I am grateful to social media for keeping me in the loop with regards to what’s happening in my friends lives and making staying in touch so easy.

✮ I am grateful to Chloe for introducing me to ecstatic dance and the wonderful times we’ve spent together thus far.

✮ I am grateful to AA Juicery who allow me to have 650ml bottles of fresh coconut water and 3 different fresh organic fruit and veg juices for only £7.

✮ I am grateful to Cheryl for welcoming me into her home here in Bali.

✮ I am grateful to smartminds.io for opening my eyes to living life with a growth mindset.

✮ I am grateful to Jane from the dream workshop which gave me some inspiration for when I next work with children and young people.

✮ I am grateful for Kafe in Ubud. They let me sit for hours undisturbed while sipping the best iced soy latte I’ve ever had. They also make the YUMMIEST nutty dark chocolate brownie.

✮ I am grateful to every person that has shown me kindness so far in Bali.

✮ I am grateful that I have the chance to make my life something worth living.

✮ I am grateful to the two men that helped me when I was in Cafe Vespa and coffee got spilt over my Mac.

✮ I am grateful for travel insurance cover. 

✮ I am grateful to Bali for opening up my eyes to what is REALLY important in life.

✮ I am grateful for Bali’s beauty.

✮ I am grateful for Bali’s culture.

but most of all…..

I am grateful to myself for allowing myself to take a leap of faith and go on an adventure. Bali has not only opened my eyes, it changed the way I reflect on my life. 

The list could go on but for now I think it’s enough to get the ball rolling.

Processed with VSCO

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