Week One.

One week in and what have I learnt thus far?

a) Frankfurt transit procedure is stressful AF. 

b) Don’t drink filtered tap water if you’re not used to it. 💩

c) Dubai is the same but different.

d) A boogie beats a squat.

e) I need to invest in some chill pills. 


Well I’ve been in Dubai a week and what can a girl say…

The place  where I’m staying is awesome. A rooftop pool, a gym and right near work. I’d forgotten how much I love teaching and the sheer depth of a kids’ imaginations. I’ve slipped right back into the swing of things with only a few minor hiccups along the way.

Dubai is my city you see, or at least it used to be. I grew up here, it’s the same but different. Busier, pretentiously less personal and WAY more expensive. However, it is also alive, vibrant and home.

It’s everything I love and hate all rolled into one. 

Dubai doesn’t change. Sure it’s busier etc. but the architecture is still beautiful, there’s an abundance of opportunities (if you know where to look) and it’s also a place where desert meets beach. However, to live here requires money. 


When I grew up here I had it, Dubai money that is. I was supported by my parents and earned a decent wage on top of that which kept me comfortable enough to enjoy myself. When I visited in January for my birthday I’d saved Christmas and birthday money to see me through. I come back to Dubai now having been earning minimum wage in the UK and boy oh boy does one feel the difference. 

Now remember this massive new adventure begins with a VERY strict budget. Minimal….almost very close to being peanuts.

Bearing that in mind…

…EVERYTHING has risen in price here! From taxis to my favourite bloody tins tuna!! A bog standard none branded, meatless food shop in one of the cheap supermarkets cost me nearly £200!!! In Aldi I’d have spent about £80 MAX! My first day here I bought the equivalent of a Boots meal deal. Guess how much it set me back…….£9!


My eyes nearly popped out their sockets! I tell ya that for free!

Au contraire to how it may sound I’m not complaining, well fine then maybe just a little but it’s ok. This is good for me. It’s a part of figuring out what to do next.

Actually, I think it’s closure and I’m surprised it’s only taken a week to rear its head.

Dubai is amazing. Like anywhere it has its vices but I’ll always love it. It’s my home, but I don’t think I belong here anymore. More eloquently put I think my time here has passed. I’ll always come back but I doubt very much I’d ever live here again.

Basically I really REALLY don’t want to live in a place that costs squillions of monies to barely get by! Vibrant cities are great but cost too much dollar. Having lived in Cornwall and seen the other side I ask this question, why can’t I have both?

 Cornwall is quiet, simple and unimaginative.

London/Dubai is busy, vibrant and expensive

Balis is…both? Who knows, but I’m willing to find out.

You see I want an abundant life. However, I want it to be abundant with experience not materialistic value. I know that personally I need to do A LOT of self-discovery before I truly experience that. Materialism doesn’t just come from a place, it’s found within as well.

So as I dive off this cliff into a sea of unknown adventure I hope that Bali can be the start of that abundant journey and not the end. Along the way it’s going to be tough, I’m going to struggle but it will be worth it.

Right now what I need to do do is chill the eff out and stop my brain from screaming, ‘I NEED TO EARN SOME MONEY BEFORE I GIVE MYSELF A HEART ATTACK AND BE FORCED TO LIVE OFF BANANA LEAVES AND COCONUT SHELLS!’ As it’s very disheartening and incredibly annoying. 

I need to stop approaching this decision with fear. I’ve comitted to it so I need to embrace it. And hey, if it all goes tits up (which it won’t) I’m lucky enough to have a home to go back to and start again.

I’m doing ok. I’m getting by and figuring shit out one step at a time.

ANYWAY…..enough philosophical jibber jabber. Have a gander at how I discovered a boogie was better than a squat.

Snapchat: jessinykira


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