Redneck Wineglasses


How to make the perfect little weirdos to house your favourite liquid treats.

You’ll need:

  • Glass glue
  • Glass candlesticks (from a charity shop obvs)
  • Glass jars (reuse jam jars, sauce jars…any jars. Remove labels and sterilise)wpid-2015-10-27-07.17.08-1.jpg.jpeg

The how to and what not:

  1. Locate your candlesticks and jam jars. Make sure your candlesticks have a flat ring surface.
  2. Wash and dry your glassy wonders.Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 20.13.42
  3. Glue a ring around the flat surface of your candlestick.wpid-2015-10-27-07.17.15-1.jpg.jpeg
  4. Place jar carefully on top of candlestick and hold firmly for a minute.
  5. Leave to set for at least half an hour.

    Et voila, c’est fini




Don’t be afraid to mix and match glass colours and shapes in both candlestick and jar. Get creative. Be sassy with your glassy life choices.

Most glass glues will claim ‘dishwasher safe’ I wouldn’t risk it personally. stick to hand-washing your amazing little creations in warm soapy water.

They are the perfect gift, wedding favour or party eye-catcher. They’ll make your iced coffees, wine, fresh juices, smoothies and even puddings look sexy as hell!

Kisses from cornwall

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