Mmmmm Bop Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo Doooo Wap

Last week my beautiful pooch Tess passed away and I felt my heartbreak a little bit. I have a whole post I was going to publish about her and her life but I changed my mind.

Here we celebrate life and all it’s great for so I thought instead of sharing something sad I’d tell you how in the dark times I manage to find the light.

Music my beautiful creations, music. It has the power to possess your soul and restore a broken heart. Fact!

Below are a few…ok A LOT of my favourite tunes. Some I just lay and listen to, others I belt out at the top of my voice and most I jig about to in my pants. I’m hoping you might find a new tune or rediscover some golden oldies that you can bop along to with me.

Kisses from cornwall

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