We all have those days…


…when you feel like a gruesome groggy gremlin and just want to be done with the world.

Over the last few days I have felt…….grotesque to say the least. A bloated shlup of self pity is putting it lightly. After a fair few weeks of feeling awesome and looking it too something happened. A thing that I like to call the CRASH BANG WOLLOP effect. Waking up last wednesday I felt about as wonderful as a mouldy dog turd drenched in arsenic.

– I’d eaten too much red meat so my stomach hurt and protruded out like a sumo wrestlers.

– My chin and all around my mouth had erupted with a gargantuan amount of pimples. Not just yellow and black heads but those under the skin boily ones that hurt like a mother bitch!


– I was feeling down because I had lots of time off work but no friends to really spend the time with. Thus resulting in my feeling really very lonely.

Now chill out. I’m not the kind of human to wallow in self pity for all of eternity because of a bout of pimples. I get sad, I feel like shit and I just want to eat cheetos. The difference between me and lots of other people is that I choose not to eat those cheetos, to do things to feel less like shit and try remove the sadness from my brain.

We ALL have those days where nothing works and you just want to give up. The smallest little annoyance can feel like your entire world is caving in, but honey trust me it isn’t. I’m about to share with you some of my fool proof ways to make yourself smile. If some of my suggestions aren’t your thang then change them to suit you, simples.

Allez we proceed.


Whether it’s in your pants or in the rain. In a zumba class or on the street. Just let loose and god damn boogie. Don’t be constricted, flail your limbs and sing out of tune at the top of your voice. It feels great!

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Pamper yourself

I love a steaming bath, but it has to be done right. 7 million and 2 candles with scents that compliment one another, Lush bath bombs and other funity-fun-fun bath time doodahs they have to offer are a must, bubbles (OBVIOUSLY), a decent scrub ( I use FRANK coffee and cacao scrub) and a bloody good facemask. Don’t be cheap buy a decent one (Lush win all day for their range) or make your own with all natural ingredients.  a1258406fb91d329095dee9ec958470b
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Eat Right

If you feel like crap don’t eat crap. All you’re doing is creating a negative association for yourself with food. Sure a couple of squares of chocolate, a slice of pizza or a cupcake are ok on a good day as a treat. However, shovelling an entire family galaxy bar down your throat, devouring a large stuffed crust from dominos or an entire box of mini muffins by yourself on a bad day is a no go!

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…and I don’t mean bung a frozen pizza in the oven and open a bag of mixed salad leaves! I find REAL cooking so god damn therapeutic I can’t even begin to explain! Putting time and effort into creating something homemade that in turn is going to nourish your body is bloody fascinating in my book!

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Drink Wine

Not to drown your sorrows. Not to cause the world’s worst hangover but to enjoy a glass with friends or curl up on the sofa with your cat, a great film and a glass of vino. Sounds heavenly!



Granted my bank balance NEVER agrees but sometimes you just have to treat yourself. I love charity shops and flea markets. Creating something out of nothing. Giving a new home to something that may have just gathered dust until the end of time….I think you get the idea.

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Escape reality for a few hours. Join your protagonist on their thrilling quest. Help solve the murder. Enjoy the plot twist and just let your imagination run wild.

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And there you have it. These are just a few of the things I do to pop a smile back on my face and remind myself that it’s ok to feel like shit but it’s not ok to let it rule your life. I choose to not dwell on the negative too much. Why don’t you join me?!

I leave you with these little cuties some fabulous internet humans created to spark some inspiration and remind you it’s the simple things in life that often cure a dark day.



Kisses from cornwall

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