When I signed up to ‘Everything Everywhere’ (EE) I didn’t realise that meant fraud too.


Yo, people of the internet stop what you’re doing. I’ve been had by some wiztech  wizbang and I think you should all be made aware of it.

I’ll explain:

My EE bill has been for the last year or so too high. Yes, I should have sorted it sooner but I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s positively painful going through the press 1, press 4 mumbo jumbo to eventually end up talking to Rahul in India (the name of today’s service provider). Sorry but, me repeating things 22 million times and dear Rahul re-reading the same line off his script does NOT appeal to me!

After a lengthy and excruciating chinwag Rahul and I realise for almost a year I have been paying for a data device I had no idea about.

Let’s make this clear; I have NEVER signed up to or received an ADDITIONAL data device!!

‘But Jessiny surely your phone bill would have told you this sooner.’ Yes if I knew how to access the damn thing. I got ‘treated’ to paperless bills by EE a fair while ago. I haven’t the foggiest  how to access my online account as I don’t know the login details for it and again have put off ringing them to sort this because it’s about as pleasant calling them as it is trying to get through to the tax office!


After eventually managing to explain the dealio to Rahul he soon realised this wasn’t  a willy nilly case and was WAY out oft his jurisdiction.

So brief overview, the case as we know it at this point:

We had a naughty human making me pay each month for their illegal tomfoolery.


I got transferred back over to England to speak to a lovely Liverpudlian gentleman who’s name I forget. (Apologies lovely Liverpudlian man)

The lovely Liverpudlian informed me this device was ‘delivered’ to my Kingston address….

ummmm NO IT WASN’T!!!

So now at this point the case as it stands:

We had a naughty human making me pay each month for their illegal tomfoolery who knew where I lived in Kingston.


After some chit chat, being on hold and some additional info we realise the device hasn’t been used or maybe could possibly have been wizteched into not leaving a trace. So the lovely Liverpudlian man removed the allusive device from my account and blacklisted it.

What about that extra £10 a month I was paying I hear you wonder? Well, the lovely Liverpudlian man explained there wasn’t much he could do and a refund wasn’t an option.

As you can imagine I wasn’t having any of it. So I explained my situation as it stood:

I am a graduate on a very VERY low income, I have been footing the bill for a device I had no idea existed, I quite rightly ask for my basically stolen money to be refunded  to me and get told, no.

Are you kidding me?!

Lovely Liverpudlian man soon realised I wasn’t going away without a fight so was able to offer me £55 off my next bill, just like that! MAGICAL! I was sure a second ago he’d told me there was nothing he could do…

I feel I’m with in my right to declare this is not good enough!!! If it only took me getting irate to get £55 credited to my account do I have to unleash my full uncontrollable wrath to receive my full amount AND some decent compensation?  I didn’t have the energy to protest any further on the phone, I was angry and in shock.

But I am protesting now!!!

EE I was the victim of fraud through YOUR services. How is that in ANYWAY acceptable?! To some £10 a month is nothing to me that’s £120 I could have saved to put towards my Masters or a car.

I hate to think how many other people there are out there – like me – that are put off calling about issues with their bill or service when they could be the victims of the exact same fraud and have no idea about it! How am I supposed to have faith in you as a service provider when my address is shared with criminals?! Thank goodness I do not live there anymore.

I will be emailing and sending a letter EE explaining my case in full. I WILL NOT back down, nor will I go through the arduous hassle of calling you. Should you wish to contact me you can do so directly. As we’ve established you do after all have ALL my details.

I expect full compensation and more for this. It is terrifying to think that this can happen to ANYBODY!I’m lucky I caught it now before anymore of my personal details were hacked!

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