and 5,6,7…TEQUILA!

Everyday I’m shuffling

So this week I’d planned to get crafty with you all. I had my glue gun at the ready and some fabulously feathery hat making planned but then I changed my mind because well, dance.

Dancey dance dance. It is the magical flailing of ones limbs in time (or slightly out of time) to a damn fine tune!!!

Saturday just gone I went to a wee shindig on the beach. Twas lush, very cute, had a cracking time blah blah blah…FB_IMG_1437425649306


No one was dancing!!! I understand that having a good old boogie woogie isn’t everyone’s pot of mustard but surely I’m not alone in thinking it’s  rather pants that people (apart from yours truly, obviously!) were only willing to throw some serious shapes once they’d guzzled down a gallon of dutch courage.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bevvie to keep a party going. Pimms, mojhito, prosecco you name it love and I’ll try it at least once. That however does not mean I need to neck back a jaeger bomb or 3 before I shake what my mama gave me in a room full of people.

It’s that head bob you see people do. I find myself thinking ‘Yo dude, if you wanna dance then dance!’ Don’t sit there bobbing and worrying about what everyone else will be thinking of you.

I understand the lack of confidence hoo-hah, been there mate and got the keys to the city. What I’m saying is it makes me sad that we are made to feel so restricted at social gatherings when in reality it’s utterly antisocial behaviour to make someone feel like they can’t dance the funky chicken in a crowded room!

I say if you want to dance, dance! Don’t throw “I can’t” at me. I don’t care if when you bust a move you look like a convulsing Gollum chasing a wombat through the pants department in Marks and Spencer, at least YOU are having a good time.

If you’re like me and dancing is something that will always make you smile then don’t hold yourself back. Blast your favourite tune in the morning and start your day right. Split leap down the isles of Asda if you so wish. Practise those jazz hands as you walk down the street. Don’t wait till the 3rd round to get on that dance floor, warm up as soon as you arrive. Lord knows after that, by the time round 3 of drinks comes around you’ll be sufficiently limbered up to attempt the Dirty Dancing lift (not advised, although if attempted do send a link to the video).

Below is a short video compilation of dancey fun times I’ve had in the last couple of months. All of which (bar the last clip) I was stone cold sober. yes, even the one with the pimms, twas my first of the night. trust me my butt had been wiggle wiggling long before my mouth went guzzle guzzling.

I’m not saying don’t drink (case and point ^^) I’m saying don’t let ‘not drinking’ be the reason you don’t shake it like a polaroid picture!

Kisses from cornwall

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