I did something…


…and I won’t be doing it again in a hurry!

So allow me to set the scene for you:

I don’t eat take-aways. I nipped that crap in the bud as soon as I decided to sort my life out. I haven’t missed it. Haven’t had the urge for it…that is until this evening…Ooops.

Mother suggested fish and chips for a Saturday night treat. I promise you my first thought was BLEUGH grim! However, then my tummy woke up and started a little dialogue with my brain and made me remember this little piccy I saw on Pinterest:


Ignore the words fat and skinny. What I take from this image is one non-nutritional meal every ONCE IN A WHILE won’t effect your healthy eating habits. Just like eating a salad  every NOW AND THEN won’t have an input on your poor diet. 

So I found myself thinking, ‘Is a portion of sausage and chips from the chippy going to to ruin my healthy lifestyle?’ No, not really. So I went for it, with a side of jalapeño poppers.

Instantly, I regretted it.

Firstly, I was so excited I didn’t let the poppers cool down thus burning my tongue, this led to me making the sensible decision to wait to eat the rest when I got home. As I waited in the car for my mum to drop off my nephew at my sisters I kept catching wafts of the pungent aroma escaping from the bag.

It was here my tummy started to have second thoughts, my brain all the while basking in the soon to be ‘I told you so!’ Of course I didn’t listen, there were chips to be had!! 15 minutes later I was home and unwrapping the greasy feast with apprehension. I already knew I wasn’t going to enjoy it. My tummy churned as I bit into a sausage that looked like swollen crispy willy and swallowed it with a shudder.

What the hell was I doing?! No seriously, what the bloody hell was I doing?


Was I literally forcing myself to eat something I clearly didn’t want? Was I actually ignoring the signs my body was throwing at me not to indulge? Did that seriously happen? Indulge isn’t even the correct word! Indulge is what I call polishing off a tub a hummus by myself. A cheeky little piglet moment that you enjoy guilt free because it’s a treat. This was not a treat, it went from exciting to horrifying in less time than it takes me to shower.

This food is not food. It’s processed junk. FACT. It’s sickening to think I used to literally shovel crap like this down my throat on a regular basis. I came to my senses a little under half way through the chips. It was almost as though I fell instantly back into this habitual ritual from I time in my life I don’t EVER want to re-live. This was NOT to continue! For me personally I will never consider a meal like this an exciting little treat ever again. It’s amazing to see just HOW MUCH my body has adapted since I’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle. A treat for me now is when berries are on special offer!

Case and point:


I made a bad choice, it happens. It’s not the end of the world. From this I will learn to frickin’ listen to what my insides are telling me and not lust after glorified junk. I don’t see this as falling off a wagon. The wagon for me has become a way of life. It’s no fad. I am so proud of myself that







It’s that simple. Wholesome yummy food is where it’s at and a treat will be homemade banana bread or blueberry pancakes from scratch. Keeping refined sugars and salt at a bare minimum!

This is where I leave you because I’m farting something fierce and feel the only things that will help me survive this my temporary lapse in judgement is copious cups of BooTea (blog post coming soon) and very big poop!

Kisses from cornwall

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