No one likes a troll


Have you heard the tale of the internet trolls? The beasts that try to dampen our souls. They’re nasty, frightful unsavoury beings that prey on us all and hurt our feelings.

– a little rhyme by yours truly 🙂

Yesterday (23/04/2015) I posted this picture to Instagram

11183432_10153864328291164_5769467419311534685_nwith this as the caption

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 23.35.27

The above pretty much explains the reasons for the pictures. However, I’d like to touch on something a little bit further. I WILL NOT stand for negativity on this blog. Your emails go without responses because I am a lover not a fighter. People from snapchat you are immediately blocked because no one needs that kind of nastiness in their lives. Your words don’t hurt me. You think you’re the first person to call me fat and ugly? Do you really believe no one else has ever thought to refer to me as a freak? The year is 2015, I’d like to assume someone somewhere will have invented some new insults.

I am strong, I am powerful and because of this I have the ability to put myself out there on all platforms as an example of imperfection. Throw your worst insult at me and I’ll just tell you about the 2 young girls I had thanking me for standing up and speaking out. Try sting me with your vilest profanities and I’ll smile because everyday I know I’m spreading a message of self-love and acceptance.

As the post was purely a retaliation I didn’t really think about the aftermath. The responses have been mind-blowing. No trolls just lovely messages. It’s as though the faceless bullies can’t handle confrontation, it all becomes a bit too real for them I think.

I want to end this post on a high and share with you a few of the MANY lovely responses I received and I personally thank every single one of you for your positivity and support.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 23.34.30

Kisses from cornwall

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