More than just a Bucket List

We need to stop our whining and get up and put a smile on our faces. Here’s how I plan to do it.

  1. Play the Friends drinking game. (Follow this link)
  2. Read a book
  3. Play ding dong dashthriller
  4. Pull a moonie
  5. Do the Thriller dance
  6. Put kids poster paint on the coloured circles and play messy Twister
  7. Play ‘Don’t let the balloon touch the floor’
  8. Star gaze
  9. Tell a stranger they are beautiful
  10. Attach balloons to a canvas filled with paint and throw darts at them
  11. Go to the Zoo. Mimic the animals
  12. Kiss in the rain
  13. Eat dessert first
  14. Wear a skirt without knickers
  15. Let a child pick out your outfit for the day
  16. Build a fairy house
  17. Learn to swear in 15 languages
  18. Dance around in your pants.
  19. Karaoke – BADLY 
  20. Sit on the edge of a cliff and admire the view
  21. Make a fool of yourself
  22. Wear fake moustaches out
  23. Talk to a stranger in Gobbledygook as though it’s your first language. Keeping a straight face is imperative
  24. Make a fart noise in a full elevator
  25. Skinny dip at daytime
  26. Go camping
  27. Have a picnic
  28. Suck helium from a balloon 
  29. 20150410_122141Plant something.
  30. Go for a walk
  31. Write about something
  32. Learn to juggle
  33. Treat yourself to something (preferable NOT processed treats with refined sugars or fast food)
  34. Make a daisy chain crown
  35. Have a pillow fight
  36. Hang fairy lights
  37. Take loads of photos AND PRINT THEM
  38. Get crafty
  39. Draw things in the sand/snow
  40. Watercolour crayon tattoos (follow this link)
  41. Cook something adventurous
  42. Buy a homeless person a meal
  43. Ride your bike to work
  44. Go bowling
  45. Buy some £1 scratch cards and tape them to bus stops, ATMs, a park bench. anywhere where someone might find them.
  46. Have a BBQ
  47. Pay for the person behind you’s coffee and tell the person behind the till to keep the change.
  48. Go on an adventure WITHOUT ANY technology (well accept a camera, preferably disposable)20140415_222755
  49. Take stupid pictures in a photobooth
  50. Make Pizza from scratch
  51. Take ugly selfies
  52. Blow bubbles
  53. Throw a scavenger hunt
  54. Have a water fight
  55. Bounce on a bouncy castle20140521_193514
  56. Make a bonfire
  57. Buy a bunch of food to donate to a food bank
  58. Play giant Jenga
  59. Climb a tree
  60. Make balloon animals
  61. Get a piercing
  62. Watch cartoons
  63. Drink from a coconut
  64. Make a dream catcher20150212_144555
  65. Tiedye old T-Shirts
  66. Draw with chalk on the pavement
  67. Start a ‘Wreck This Journal’
  68. Get a Tattoo
  69. Bake cupcake
  70. Make fresh juices and smoothies
  71. Collect sea shells
  72. Roast marshmallows20150125_195815
  73. Visit historic ruins
  74. Pick wild flowers
  75. Re-arrange your room
  76. Go to an art gallery
  77. Build a sand castle
  78. Watch the sun set and rise
  79. Go to a farmers market
  80. Visit a museum
  81. Make ice lollies
  82. Play charades
  83. Put mentos in coke
  84. Feed the ducks
  85. Throw a dinner party
  86. Play frisbee
  87. Have a sleepover
  88. Make sock puppets
  89. Have a Harry Potter marathonHP marathon
  90. Have a fondue party
  91. Pick fresh fruit and eat it there and then
  92. Bury a time capsule
  93. Draw a picture with your eyes closed
  94. Play fluffy bunny
  95. Learn to hula hoop
  96. Go Skiing
  97. Cannon ball into water from a SAFE but great height
  98. Boogie around the isles of your supermarket
  99. Roll down a hill
  100. Make someone laugh
  101. Build a blanket fortblanket fort

Kisses from cornwall

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