Workout Queen? I think not.


I wobble and jiggle. I smile and giggle.  

Today I woke up and thought F@*K this! Enough feeling like crap. I have a cold, so what?! My ankle is a cankle that won’t even let me go for a leisurely jog. Is the world ending? NO!


(yes this is how I speak to myself when I’m being a mopey sod)


You see my local gym has been closed down. No one REALLLYYYYY knows why but the rumour is (it’s a very small little Cornish town) that because the pre-school was attached to the leisure centre there were lots of strangers coming and going. Apparently because of this there were one too many peeping Toms, thus meaning my gym is no more for the indefinite future.

This is not the point, it is the context. Due to the above and my stupid ankle I haven’t been able to exercise for a couple of weeks, all of which has contributed to me feeling like a snuffly, lethargic walrus.

You see I’ve never been one for the home workouts or scenic jogs. I like to go to a specific place that’s meant for exercise so I know when I leave it’s rest time. This however will have to change.

So this morning in my all smart-ness I thought ‘bugger it, I’m going for a jog.’ BAD IDEA! Mr. Ankle was not happy. I did however snapchat my entire process. From the start of my very brief run, to the locking of oneself in the bathroom for some core exercise.

Watching it back I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I am a ridiculous human. Although in saying that I am a ridiculous human that tries her best. I am no workout queen. I do not look sexy when I sweat. I grunt and exhale in ways that can only be described as constipation noises BUT I TRY!

20150405_110419      THAT IS THE POINT

I actually had so much fun that before I knew it I’d done an hour and half workout. I tried new things I was scared to do in the gym because I never wanted to be that person that was doing stuff wrong y’know?

So this has given me an idea for some rather hilarious blog posts. I’m going to record myself trying all of the exercises that petrified me in the gym then write about it. I think it could become quite a fun, comical weekly feature. What d’ya think?

I don’t pretend to be a fitness guru. All I know is that I’m a just an average girl trying to keep healthy and taking it one wobbly step at a time.

So here it is, that snapchat compilation I’ve been harping on about:

I used to be a very flexible individual. I mean when I was younger I could put both legs behind my head and walk on my bum…

20150405_101647 20150405_101516

This level of flexibility has OBVIOUSLY depleted.

case and point:


^^ I got butt cramp ^^

But it’s ok because this means there is only room for improvement. I am charging full steam ahead with this feel good revolution, who’s joining me?


Kisses from cornwall

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