Week….I’ve lost count.

So I’ve been in Bali 12 days and we know the drill by now. What have I learnt?

A) Don’t get a massage when your bladder is full.

B) Moped riding really isn’t my thing-a-ling.

C) Bali Belly is the single most ickiest illness I’ve EVER had.

D) Putting your mind in neutral is a must when eating out and ordering.

C) Embrace the Bali flow.

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Week Two

Two weeks in and what have I learnt thus far?

a) My hair is at its sassiest when it’s  purple.

b) I’ve got mad limbo skills.

c) I’ve been wearing a dress the wrong way round for whole two years.

d) I am far more British in my ways than I would EVER care to admit. 

e) I am not allowed to pour my own alcoholic beverages. 

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Week One.

One week in and what have I learnt thus far?

a) Frankfurt transit procedure is stressful AF. 

b) Don’t drink filtered tap water if you’re not used to it. 💩

c) Dubai is the same but different.

d) A boogie beats a squat.

e) I need to invest in some chill pills. 
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Where’s My Head At?

“Given I’m leaving in a week I think I’m handling it quite well” lied Jessiny. 

What in the name of flying turnip farts am I doing?!

Lord knows.

Stay tuned for the ride though because one thing’s for sure this adventure will make one heck of a story.

I believe Eat, Pray, Love meets Mr. Bean describes this little life alteration perfectly.